In Operation: Tango, you and a friend must work in tandem as Agent and Hacker to infiltrate, investigate, and eradicate the forces threatening the free world. Communication and teamwork are key to completing missions, as “It Takes Two to Save the World”.

But at Clever Plays, that’s so much more than a tagline. To celebrate the release of our playable demo on Steam, we’ve started the “It Takes Two to Save the World” charity drive, benefitting Oxfam in their global efforts to fight poverty.

We want to see you in action, so for each demo playthrough video we receive, we’ll donate 5$* in that player’s name, for a donation of up to 3,000$. If the Goal is not reached by December 31st 2020, the Charity drive will end.

And keep a look-out, as we’ll be sharing some of our favorite videos on the Operation: Tango social channels.

* Donations will be 5$ on behalf of each single player video or 10$ per videos showing both the Hacker and Agent players. One submission per player.

$ 0 $ 1000 $ 2000 $ 3000 Target $35
image/svg+xml $35
image/svg+xml $ 0 $ 1000 $ 2000 $ 3000 Target

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Nicholas Souza